Revenge of the Pontianak

‘Along with fellow cinematographer Jon Keng, the product is a visual dream. Each scene is painted in saturated colours that compliment each other, and the detailed art direction makes the film a work of art.’ - Timeout

‘I absolutely adored the cinematography. Many scenes were postcard-perfect and the stills could be sold as prints’ - Medium

‘So with cinematographer Jon Keng at the helm, the film is lush with saturated colours and gorgeously-detailed art direction. From the get-go, the film palette invokes a sensual tone. A glossy banana leaf, the misty golden hills, the scarlet kebaya of the spirit – it’s a visceral treat when coupled with the textured sets and costuming.’ - Morgan Awyong

‘The camera work is deliberately old-school steady and surfaces look buffed and pristine. The make-up and wardrobe design mimic the pomaded and corseted look of the 1960s originals. The team does not let its chance at the use of colour go to waste - the original movies were monochrome - so things that need to pop, pop.’ - The Straits Times

Before You Know It

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